Walnut Hills Aronia

Aronia Berry Grower & Harvester in Eastern NE and Western IA

Walnut Hills Aronia is a small business that grows aronia berry (also known as chokeberry) bushes, walnut trees and native plants. It is home to deer, turkey and a array of other animals.  Located in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa in the beautiful Loess Hills, Walnut Hills Aronia is a family owned business with good values and business ethics.  The slide show on the left shows a glimpse of our fields and nature’s great wonder.

Certified Organic Aronia Berries

We grow our aronia berry bushes organically with drip irrigation and fertilization with liquid organic fertilizer. To provide crops with ideal growing conditions, they need food and supplemental water when Mother Nature doesn’t provide it on a regular basis. Read more.

Custom Aronia Berry Harvesting

Walnut Hills Aronia has the convenience of a harvester. It allows us the extra time to help others pick their berries who are in time constraints. Learn more. | Watch the video!

Aronia Berries Available for Purchase

If you have a need for Aronia berries to eat for optimal health and to make a variety of delicious food products like jams and smoothies, we have fresh berries available to purchase by the pound after harvest. We have frozen berries available after harvest.  Contact us today to find out how to get your Aronia berries!