Custom Aronia Berry Harvesting

We are proud to be one of the first machine harvesters in the Midwest. What used to take a crew a week to hand pick the aronia berries (chokeberries) now can be done in hours thanks to our BEI Aronia Berry Harvester. It is an American made over-the-row harvester which is much gentler than the side-row harvesters from Europe that split the bushes in half and bends them sideways. Our machine is washed after every use to allow us to pick other organic and non-organic Aronia.

More Benefits of Machine Harvesting

Other advantages of machine harvesting are that it’s economical, quick and precise. We can pick for the same price as a crew of hand pickers and often cheaper. The berries can then be set in the cooler at a faster pace. Picking can be done with more precision to retain the sugar content in the berry.

Once harvested, we offer hauling of your berries by cooled trucks to wherever you need them and assistance in getting your berries sold to our buyers.